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Manawan/Wemotaci[meckotcita ka itactek]

Kwei, kwei, nihe sni ni iteriteti matci kitci mininamowok nihe ka itcictek "Manawan, Opitciwan, Wemotaci" marotc tca tepirak Manawan/Wemotaci kirika Opitciwan osam tapwe enska pitoc itewok wiraw Opitciwono iriniwok. Aric nama tapwe takon pitoc kitci itetcik Manawani iriniwok kirika Wemotaci iriniwok. Taka kotc kirowaw e iteritamek. --Kinew1975 23 Kenositc pisimw 2017 ‎à 23:46‎ (EDT)

Kwei, ekote pitama ke icinakokipan nac kitci pe mitcetitcik Opitciwan kewirowaw ota Wikipetcia. Aci wirat pe posihikw, mirowatakwetc. Arimatc ka arimomatesanihimatasonano nehe itewina papitoc ka itacteki kecpin pitoc kekwan e ici arimotcikatek. Tan kita icinakotanano kitci miro tapitiki itewina kaskina nehe ka ki pe masinahimekw. -- 19 Mikomini pisimw 2017 à 15:53 (EDT)

Manawan, Opitciwan, Wemotaci[meckotcita ka itactek]

Question transférée depuis ma page de discussion. Benoit Rochon (ka ici arimowaniwok)

I see that many articles here have sections distinguishing between Manawan, Opitciwan, and Wemotaci (sometimes with 3 different sections, sometimes with Manawan/Wemotaci combined in one section and Opitciwan in another). I understand that these are different "communities" of Atikamekw speakers, but are the linguistic differences great enough to warrant separate sections in every article? Are their dialects mutually intelligible (like British and American English)? If so, then maybe it's not a good idea to keep them separate like this; if not, then why are they on the same wiki? - dcljr (ka ici arimowaniwok) 17 Otehimin pisimw 2017 à 18:52 (EDT)

Hello dcljr. The local community decided to have Manawan, Opitciwan, and Wemotaci sections because of the linguistic differences. Then it appeared to the community to merge Manawan/Wemotaci because both difference were not sufficient to have two sections. If you hit articles with three sections, that's because they haven't been merged yet. Best regards, Benoit Rochon (ka ici arimowaniwok) 18 Otehimin pisimw 2017 à 10:26 (EDT)

Logo sur la version mobile[meckotcita ka itactek]

Bonjour à tous,

J'aimerais vous informer que j'ai fait une demande (phabricator:T168203) pour modifier le logo de la version mobile de Wikipetcia et d'avoir le logo local. Au plaisir, Benoit Rochon (ka ici arimowaniwok) 18 Otehimin pisimw 2017 à 15:18 (EDT)

Ehe Amqui (ka ici arimowaniwok) 21 Otehimin pisimw 2017 à 08:58 (EDT)
Ehe Benoit Rochon (ka ici arimowaniwok) 19 Mikomini pisimw 2017 à 11:07 (EDT)
Ehe Pour le logo en atikamekw. --Nehirowisiw (ka ici arimowaniwok) 19 Mikomini pisimw 2017 à 12:31 (EDT)
Ehe Kinew1975 (ka ici arimowaniwok) 19 Mikomini pisimw 2017 à 14:03 (EDT)

Interlanguage links[meckotcita ka itactek]


I checked some articles and didn't see any interlanguage link. This is not very good situation since no one can find articles of this wiki from other wikis. So, please, could anyone add interlanguage links to the articles? --Emaus (ka ici arimowaniwok) 21 Otehimin pisimw 2017 à 15:32 (EDT)

Hello Emaus, a Phabricator:T168189 is open about that. Thank you ! Benoit Rochon (ka ici arimowaniwok) 21 Otehimin pisimw 2017 à 16:06 (EDT)
Ekote Ekote. Benoit Rochon (ka ici arimowaniwok) 19 Mikomini pisimw 2017 à 12:03 (EDT)

Main page interlanguage links[meckotcita ka itactek]

Hi, Benoit. Since you are going to inhibit Wikidata links on the main page anyway, I would recommend that you place fr and en in positions number one and two on that Liste des vingt plus grands interwikis. StevenJ81 (ka ici arimowaniwok) 18 Mikomini pisimw 2017 à 17:49 (EDT)

Hello StevenJ81, Interwiki links are getting sorted alphabetically. Do you have a tweak I can use to avoid this? Benoit Rochon (ka ici arimowaniwok) 19 Mikomini pisimw 2017 à 12:08 (EDT)
Bonjour, @Benoit. MediaWiki:Interwiki config-sorting order is supposed to do that. I'm not sure why it's not working. Maybe ask on Incubator. StevenJ81 (ka ici arimowaniwok) 1 Otatakon pisimw 2017 à 09:13 (EDT)

Broken links[meckotcita ka itactek]

Could an admin please fix the following "redlinks" on the Main Page (in the "Ka kictapataki ke ici nta kinowapitamekw" section)? I've indicated my best guess as to the correct target in each case, but since I don't read either Atikamekw or French, I can't guarantee these are correct:

Also, I feel that I should remind admins that when moving a page you should either leave a redirect to prevent breaking existing links or go though "What links here" and manually fix all the broken links. - dcljr (ka ici arimowaniwok) 27 Otehimin pisimw 2017 à 21:07 (EDT)

User:Benoit Rochon Amqui (ka ici arimowaniwok) 12 Mikomini pisimw 2017 à 11:33 (EDT)
Bilbo40, Jeannette Coocoo, Missatikamekw, and Nehirowisiw are also admins now. Someone needs to be watching this page… Also, is Wikipetcia:Kaskina mamo awik (linked to in the navigation sidebar) the place where general discussion about the wiki should happen (known on some wikis as the "Village pump")? If so, someone should create a framework on that page to encourage such discussion. (The "Community portal" page — title stored at MediaWiki:Portal-url — is used on some wikis as their "Village pump"; others use it as a more general "index of useful links", including a link to the VP and other other pages.) - dcljr (ka ici arimowaniwok) 12 Mikomini pisimw 2017 à 15:31 (EDT)
Ekote Ekote. Benoit Rochon (ka ici arimowaniwok) 19 Mikomini pisimw 2017 à 16:32 (EDT)

Anything else?[meckotcita ka itactek]

Is there anything else the sysadmins need to do (that can't be done by local admins/users) to properly configure this wiki? (Note: I am not a sysadmin; I'm just watching the Phabricator task.) - dcljr (ka ici arimowaniwok) 10 Mikomini pisimw 2017 à 19:02 (EDT)

Thank you dcljr, as far as I know, everything looks good at this point. Can we ping you if we find a desire configuration for wp-atj. Best, Benoit Rochon (ka ici arimowaniwok) 17 Mikomini pisimw 2017 à 14:13 (EDT)

No Main Page talk?[meckotcita ka itactek]

Wait a minute… You really want there to be no talk page dedicated solely to the Main Page? (Ke ici aimihitonaniwok:Otitikowin has been moved to here, and now redirects to this page.) I'm not sure that's a good idea. I would say keep the Otitikowin-specific discussion at Ke ici aimihitonaniwok:Otitikowin and have the general wiki-wide discussion here. - dcljr (ka ici arimowaniwok) 19 Mikomini pisimw 2017 à 20:22 (EDT)

Or were you just not finished making all the changes you wanted to make, Benoit? - dcljr (ka ici arimowaniwok) 19 Mikomini pisimw 2017 à 20:23 (EDT)