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Neil Shah-Quinn
Neil Shah-Quinn
product analyst, Contributors department, Wikimedia Foundation

About me

I've been a Wikimedian ever since my first edit way back in 2005. I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina but now live in San Francisco.

My work

I'm currently a member of the Contributors department, where I primarily do research and analysis to help understand who edits Wikipedia, how they do it, and how we can help them be more successful.

Disclaimer: I work for or provide services to the Wikimedia Foundation, and this is the account I try to use for edits or statements I make in that role. However, the Foundation does not vet all my activity, so edits, statements, or other contributions made by this account may not reflect the views of the Foundation.

Contact me

  • E-mail: nshahquinn(_AT_)wikimedia.org
  • IRC: "neilpquinn" on freenode
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