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Benoit: It not a good idea to report a "hardcoded" article count. The current official article count is 1 538. If this is too low for you, then just add normal [[wikilinks]] to pages in the "main namespace" that don't currently have any, and the count will rise. - dcljr (ka ici arimowaniwok) 27 Otehimin pisimw 2017 à 21:05 (EDT)

I don't understand why links still haven't been added to pages (like this) to make them officially count as articles. The current official count (according to the MediaWiki software) is still only 1 538. - dcljr (ka ici arimowaniwok) 25 Kakone pisimw 2017 à 15:11 (EDT)
Thank you dcljr. Benoit Rochon (ka ici arimowaniwok) 30 Kakone pisimw 2017 à 16:04 (EDT)